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Siemens PLM Connection brings together over 2,000 customers, partners, and Siemens representatives for education, networking, and training, offering countless benefits to individuals and companies seeking to expand their knowledge and connect with industry professionals and peers.

Increased Knowledge = Increased Productivity

Siemens PLM Connection is built around educational and training opportunities to help attendees understand and use products more efficiently:

  • General Sessions include overviews of product lines and previews of launches, updates, and developments.
  • Technical Tracks explore best practices, detailed usage tips, and product evaluation.
  • Free hands-on training explores new developments, unfamiliar features, and product evaluation.
  • One-on-one opportunities with Siemens representatives can be scheduled in advance or on-site

An attendee taking advantage of these opportunities can increase weekly personal productivity by up to 10%.


    Implement techniques and best practices learned and offer valuable input on products and services you encounter. Connect coworkers with resources and contacts forged at the event.

    Explore new developments or unfamiliar features on a product you use or evaluate a new module prior to purchase.


    New product launches, updates and acquisitions are often announced at Siemens PLM Connection—Americas, weeks or even months before they’re announced to the public. Get the inside track and explore the Solutions Center with demos of cutting-edge enhancements.


    Attendees help shape the future by making their voice heard. By networking with Siemens PLM developers, participating in Siemens staff-led sessions and exploring on-site equipment set-ups to aid in infrastructure selection and optimization, your employees help enhance products and experiences.


    PLM is advantageous in implementing and supporting corporate initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma. Learn to leverage your existing PLM investment for the quick adoption of industry-wide initiatives like CMII, ISO, and STEP.


    Attendees who benefit the most are those who take advantage of the setting to learn and interact with their peers in other organizations and industries. There are numerous opportunities to discuss topics, ask questions, make introductions, and get contact information.


    Explore over 80 partners showcasing products and services designed to compliment Siemens PLM Software. In addition, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks are in the Solutions Center—so come network and learn.