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Partner Presentation Submissions

What makes for a great learning experience?

Share your knowledge and join the growing group of speakers at Siemens PLM Connection - Americas.

  • Engage with an audience with a passion in your subject matter
  • Benefit from presentation development and coaching
  • Enjoy speaker perks in the speaker ready room
  • Grow your professional standing


  • All partners must purchase a 2018 PLM World Partner Package to be considered for speaker acceptance at Siemens PLM Connections - Americas 2018.
  • Call for Presentations for the technical tracks closed Dec. 4, however, partners may purchase a speaking slot in the Solution Sessions Connection. All sessions presented at Siemens PLM Connection - Americas should be educational and informative, and not commercial in nature.
  • We recommend Partners try to collaborate with a customer on presentations.
  • Partners are not eligible to receive the Primary Presenter registration discount. Partners must use their Vendor Code or register at the Partner Registration price.

After Submission:

  1. All presenters will need to submit an electronic copy of their presentation, before April 9, 2018. (Sessions will be included in the conference proceedings that will be available to all conference attendees and potentially prospecitve attendees.)
  2. In order to maintain the educational integrity of our event, all sessions including purchased Solution Sessions, will be reviewed by the Agenda Committee. The committee may provide feedback and suggested edits to partner presentations.
  3. All Partner Presenters are required to register using their Vendor Code provided with your Partner Package. If all free allotments have been utilized the Partner Registration price of $945 will be charged.
  4. All partners are required to stay within the conference hotel block. If any person chooses not stay within a conference hotel, there will be a $200 conference fee. Audits will be ongoing, those found dropping out of the block after initial reservations will be contacted to rebook. Failure to do so will result in a cancelled registration.


If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact:

Cortney MacWherter
Partner and Sales Manager
PLM World
 (440) 389-7768

Lester Cornelius
Event Content Strategist
PLM World
 (440) 865-9798